Well today’s been just a splendid day.  I’m in the middle of my birthday celebrations.  Last weekend, Lizzie (my eldest daughter) was 30, and on Monday I will be 60.  So we had a joint 90th birthday party at Hitchcock’s, Hull’s most splendid and quirky vegetarian restaurant.

But today was a different kind of milestone – my 250th Parkrun, which I completed at Peter Pan Park in Hull.  Parkrun is just an amazing thing.   Its free, and anyone who wants to can have a go.  There are men, women, children, people in their 70s and 80s, experienced athletes, and sometimes, people who have just finished a ‘Couch to 10k’, never having run before.  You get friendship, support, encouragement, a good run, and sometimes, free chocolates.

Parkrun always start with a few announcements – and today they were mainly about me! Very embarrassing.  I got a round of applause for my 250th Parkrun, I was given a card signed by loads of people, and I was awarded Parkrunner of the month (meaning I get £25 to spend in a local sports shop).  It was as good as a graduation day!

Anyroadup – there are some pictures of me with Sarah, and our Parkrun buddies.  I’m off to order that coveted green 250 milestone t shirt.

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