Today I shot at the Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes Indoor Portsmouth.  Its a bit of a mouthful, but basically it involves shooting 60 arrows at a 60cm target face, 20 yards away.  This is the classic indoor season competition round.  I had the option to shoot in the morning, or the afternoon, or both.  However, only the morning shoot contributed to the competition.

The morning score was fairly poor to be honest – 536/600.  I was a bit nervous, and this translates into shaking, which does not help the aiming process!  That score will probably get me around half way down the score sheet when the results are out.

But this afternoon I shot a lot better.  I scored 563 which, had I scored it in the morning, would probably have got me 4th place.

I know – archery, fishing and golf are full of ‘if only’s.  But I was really pleased about two things.  First, I got over a poor morning, got my act together, didn’t panic, and shot a decent score in the afternoon.  And that’s the second thing.  I shot a very decent score in in a competition. That will give me confidence for the next one.

Technical note – there were two reasons for my improved score.  First, I stopped worrying and just started shooting arrows, like I always do.  Second, I paid attention to my string picture.  Don’t ask!


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